Hot off the press: "The State of OKRs - Global Enterprise Report"

#1 | Uber’s win to rolling out a loyalty program first

Starting with San Francisco and a slew of other cities, Uber now has their own rewards system. They definitely won this race and rolled it out before Lyft has done so. The program could discourage users from checking other ride-hailing apps.
Almost everything in Uber Rewards happens automatically. Users just have to activate the invitation at the bottom of the home screen. The app then indicates the user’s tier and associated benefits that are valid for the next six months. Uber Rewards has 4 tiers: Blue Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

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#2 | Apple reduces staff from autonomous car division

“Project Titan”, Apple’s division to develop a self-driving car, has reassigned 200 employees to other projects. Apple has restructured this project in previous years before. This time it correlates with a change in their leadership team. What exactly the new strategy is following a new manager appointment not clear.

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#3 | Amazon is testing a new 6-wheeled delivery robot

The company describes is as a “fully-electric delivery system” and gave it the name “Amazon Scout”. It first tested the system in a neighborhood in Snohomish County, Washington. So far, six Amazon Scout devices have begun delivering packages during daylight hours on weekdays. The Scout devices follow a specified delivery route autonomously but as independent as they are … currently they are still being accompanied by Amazon employees.

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#4 | Smartphone manufacturer’s make efforts to tempt consumers into buying more hardware

Currently, selling smartphones is not the best business because the market is quite saturated. Even the arrival of 5G is not anticipated to spur much more growth. Therefore, smartphone manufacturer are wondering what could encourage consumers to buy buy buy. The need to overcome the consumers anticipation that today’s phones are already quite good. Manufacturers are offering fewer reasons to upgrade every one to two years. Unlike many of the aforementioned external factors, this is something phone makers can actually do something about. Recently, the foldable display started to gain consumer’s attention.

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#5 | Future cars will spy on drivers… to enable upselling?!

Voice-recognition systems can be very handy in cars… However, Consumers have good reasons to be concerned about the use of those systems in cars. Why? Manufacturers, marketers, and other businesses gain even more knowledge. Once artificial intelligence improve even more and can understand and interpret speech on a sophisticated level, cars will be able to have deeper insight into drivers’ behavior and share that information with other companies. While it may be convenient for cars to know your shopping habits and favorite places, that information can also be used to create targeted audio or visual ads. The more data big tech companies collect by placing their devices inside cars, the more opportunities they have to serve—or sell to—customers.

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