Hot off the press: "The State of OKRs - Global Enterprise Report"

#1 | Facebook PIVOTS to what it wishes it already was

Right now, Facebook seems to be a cluttered mess of features that seem to constantly leak user data. Facebook will never shake this reputation if it just keeps polishing its old features. That’s why Facebook is rolling out what could be called an “aspirational redesign” known as FB5. The company has been discussing privacy upgrades, how the company is improving its social impact, and a series of new initiatives on the consumer and enterprise side.
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#2 | VC firm Andreessen Horowitz raises $2.75bn in new fund strategy

Andreessen Horowitz, the storied venture capital firm with investments in Airbnb, BuzzFeed and Coinbase, has closed on $2.75 billion for two new funds, the firm confirmed in a blog post this morning.
The firm has raised $2 billion for its debut late-stage fund led by their most recent hire and 15th general partner, David George. Additionally, a16z has lassoed $750 million for its sixth flagship early-stage fund.
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#3 | Audi to have a carrier manage its LTE and 5G networks

Car maker Audi, like other giants of German manufacturing, is sitting on a tranche of vacant radio spectrum that has been liberated by the German telecoms regulator for test purposes ahead of its official release as an industrial band with the country’s wider 5G auction.
It is a model that will likely be copied in other European markets in different bands, and one that is effectively matched in the US with the redeployment of CBRS spectrum at 3.5 GHz for private and shared network access. It has put the old telecoms market in a spin, just as it seeks to reinvent itself for industry. Everyone wants a piece of the 5G action, it seems, and the new spectrum rules promise to make operators of everyone. Audi has been testing localised versions of LTE and 5G for vehicle production in lab conditions with Swedish vendor Ericsson since August 2018. In the near future Audi may well let Deutsche Telekom, say, or any third party in fact, run its private cellular network. Read more here:    http://bit.ly/2GRBnRJ

#4 |WeWork files for IPO, joining the wave of unprofitable start-ups going public

The We Company, better known for it’s WeWork brand, has filed an “amended draft registration statement on Form S-1” with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The firm has been a famous recipient of venture capital and private equity funding in its unprofitable history as a private company. The firm now seems set to follow in the wake of Lyft, which has gone public, and Uber, which will go public in early May. In 2019, WeWork reported $1.82bn in revenue and $1.9bn in losses.
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#5 | Spotify testing ‘Your Daily Drive,’ a personalized playlist that includes podcasts
Music streaming giant Spotify has been spotted testing a new personalized playlist titled “Your Daily Drive” that mixes music and short episodes from podcasts. This builds upon Spotify’s hugely popular personalized playlist “Discovery Weekly”, as well as their recent acquisitions of podcasting businesses Gimlet, Anchor and Parcast. The “Daily Drive” playlist could also give Spotify a better way to compete with Alexa’s Daily Briefing as the preferred method for Echo owners to start their day, and with Pandora’s “Genome” recommendation system.
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