Hot off the press: "The State of OKRs - Global Enterprise Report"

#1 | Sony surprises CES with the Vision-S concept electric car

Sony unveiled an electric concept sedan, called the Sony Vision-S, at this year’s CES. In a move that surprised many, the Japanese tech conglomerate demonstrated its strengths in different tech areas. The vehicle is equipped with 33 different sensors, always-on connectivity, 360 audio, multiple widescreen displays, and many other features. Rear-seat passengers can enjoy screens in the headrests. The company didn’t provide additional details about the project, such as does it plan to put the car into production or use it as a reference vehicle. It did, however, emphasize the progress made in areas like LIDAR and Time-of-Flight cameras that are important for self-driving. Read more: http://bit.ly/36DWHpf   

#2 | Innovative products impress CES visitors 

Thousands of companies have arrived in Las Vegas to reveal their latest technologies at this year’s CES. Samsung, for instance, showed off a ball-like robot named Ballie that follows users around the house. If a person falls, the robot rolls over so a person can call 911. Tech startup Neon unveiled human-like avatars that act as virtual assistants on smartphones or larger screens. Uber and Hyundai announced that the prototype of their flying taxi is to be ready in 2023, while visitors at the consumer tech show could also see the Manta5 Hydrofoil Bike, an e-bike that mimics cycling, but on water. And Google added two new voice commands for users of its voice assistant. Google Assistant can now forget what it just heard if a user says “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you.” Read more: https://cnn.it/35ETfcA  

#3 | Sunflower’s security drone protects people’s homes

One of the products unveiled at CES this year is a new type of home security system. Developed by Sunflower Labs, the Sunflower Home Awareness System consists of motion and vibration sensors, an autonomous drone, and a charging station. The drone, called the Bee, has cameras and can live-stream video. The price of the system starts at $9,950 and goes up depending on property’s custom requirements. The company is accepting pre-orders with first products to be delivered in the middle of 2020. Read more: https://tcrn.ch/2QXolag


#4 | Mercedes-Benz built an Avatar-themed concept car

Mercedes-Benz revealed a new electric concept car called the AVTR that looks far more futuristic than Tesla’s Cybertruck. The acronym stands for advanced vision transportation. More importantly, it’s a reference to the movie “Avatar”, which inspired the car’s design and whose director, James Cameron, took part in designing the vehicle. The AVTR replaces a conventional steering wheel with the control unit that recognizes the driver by his or her heartbeat and breathing. The back is covered with 33 moveable scales, called “bionic flaps”, which reportedly communicate with the driver. But the car won’t hit the road any time soon and remains only a concept car, a part of the “future where we continue to co-evolve with our technology,” Cameron says. Read more: http://bit.ly/2R5mNLc


#5 | Volkswagen creates a self-driving tech center in Silicon Valley

Volkswagen revealed its plans on the further development of self-driving vehicles. The company will create Volkswagen Autonomy, Inc., a subsidiary division that’ll be based in Belmont, California, and will hire up to 100 systems engineering and architecture experts in 2020. Locating the new center in the area close to Tesla and Waymo operations will enable the German carmaker to tap into one of the largest talent pools for autonomous technology. The company won’t only work on building self-driving cars for consumers, though. It believes that autonomous driving will first take hold in commercial applications like taxis or delivery vehicles, which might indicate the future direction of its research efforts in Silicon Valley. Read more: https://cnet.co/2R0FmjT
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