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Have you also experienced that long layover? Do you find canceled flights bothersome? Don’t like to wait for the hotel room to check-in? Baggage Nanny is your all-in-one solution.

Baggage Nanny has collaborated with the Airport Innovation Lab at San Diego Airport to test their business idea. It has turned out to be an extremely successful idea. So, let’s get to know what it is about.

Detecon interviewed the Founder, Crystal Browning, who participated in the first batch of the Airport Innovation Lab. Her business idea excited and engaged keen interest from all stakeholders.

Crystal Browning and her team are determined to make traveling a breeze. Here is how it works:

On-Demand Pickup and Delivery: Being the only approved company, they offer baggage storage inside airports of the U.S., with on-demand delivery as well as pickup. The luggage can be easily dropped by customers at the “airport’s baggage claim” and picked up at their final destination.

Product Release: Subsequent to the completion of the Innovation Lab, Baggage Nanny, started releasing the product in 2019 at San Diego Airport. Baggage Nanny has seen tremendous uptake with 14 points of presence in other airports and has stored around 3,000 bags. This has given them the confidence that they are really onto something big for the travel industry.

Future Goals: Up next, Baggage Nanny will further expand into 14 more airports. In addition to this, they will also develop an app and run marketing campaigns nationwide. For the next two years, they will toward the Asian and European markets.

Working with the San Diego Airport staff made testing the business idea in real-time a lot easier, especially having direct access to airport passengers. Crystal credits part of her success to the Airport Innovation Lab team, including Detecon, who has been supportive and informative throughout the journey.


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