OKRs: The New Connectivity Play for Telcos

How to run great OKR-based 1on1s

“90 minutes of your time can enhance the quality of your subordinate’s work for 2 weeks, or for some 80+ hours.” – Andy Grove, former CEO & Co-founder of Intel. 

Whether you are a fan of 1on1s, or aren’t currently running 1on1s between your managers and employees, there is no doubt in their value. 

As reported in a study by the Harvard Business Review, employees who get twice the number of 1on1s with their manager relative to their peers are 67% less likely to be disengaged. 

OKRs and 1on1s are similar in that they open up the floodgates of transparency and communication flow in teams. 

Issues like poor communication, lack of feedback, unclear strategic direction and interpersonal conflicts can all be resolved by slotting this little timebox into your calendar. 

So now you know that 1on1s are valuable, but how do you actually run a great 1on1? Here is a guide on how to run great OKR-based 1on1s to engage and empower your employees to achieve their best. 

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