Hot off the press: "The State of OKRs - Global Enterprise Report"

How to run great OKR meetings

OKRs revolve around the goals of the team and the organization. To achieve these goals, regular collaboration and discussion is needed in order to progress towards OKRs. With this comes excessive amounts of wasted time, translating into wasted resources, energy and motivation. Approximately 67% of meetings are considered to be failures.

Let’s say you’re in a company of 500 employees, these failed meetings result in a total burn rate of $2.7m per quarter. If that 67% was reduced to just 50%, your company would be on track to net a gain of $691k per quarter. There needs to be improvement in how OKR meetings are run.

Across the 3 stages of any OKR meetings; preparation, the meeting itself and the postmortem, we have collated the best practices observed from our clients that have helped them reduce their meeting burn rate, and boost productivity dramatically

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