Hot off the press: "The State of OKRs - Global Enterprise Report"

How to scale your OKR program with the 3 P’s

Too often, organizations are apprehensive about scaling their OKR programs. Many battle with issues like setting aside the time to implement OKRs, calling out issues in their OKRs, or educating more teams about OKRs. Some try to do it with 20 people, for example, and are hesitant to roll it out further.

This is rarely successful, because the true benefit of OKRs, such as increased transparency, alignment, accountability, and team cohesion, is only realized when OKRs have been cascaded throughout all horizontal and vertical levels of the organization. Otherwise, to use an analogy, you’re creating one flame here and one flame there instead of a real fire that can power the change you desire in your organization.

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