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As the strategic consulting arm of Deutsche Telekom, one of the largest trans-continental operators, Detecon is still in the leading position driving large infrastructure and network transformation projects for enterprises and operators since 1977.

Disruptive Networks

Disruptive technologies and business models are aimed to create ubiquitous coverage and need expertise to scale them globally.

5G Connectivity

With 5G  and Campus networks we help operators and enterprises to enhance their connectivity and operations.

IoT - Internet of Things

Connecting and operating the billions of devices that are emerging with various innovative use cases. 

Edge Computing

Edge computing is the latest trend bringing resource intensive workloads and applications closer to the end user.

Cloud Computing

Traditional cloud computing enhances your organization’s operations and optimizes infrastructure costs.

With the advent of 5G and the emergence of Edge computing we believe that we are at an inflection point of yet another network evolution – one that will transform industries, disrupt existing players and unearth a whole new set of opportunities.
As part of Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) we draw upon our Our Telco and ICT heritage and deep operational expertise to provide tailored solutions to your organization’s needs.

Investment Advisory

With our unique experience in the telecommunication and innovative infrastructure business, we advise investors and lenders on making the right decision and guiding them on the opportunities and risks they will encounter when investing into new ventures.

Company Building

We support new ventures in building their companies from inception to launch, by doing the initial market analysis and commercial modelling of the business.  Including bootstrapping the business and building it to scale.

Product Management

Our technical heritage allows us to build and manage products for infrastructure companies. This includes designing the technical architectures, managing the vendors and defining go-to-market strategies.

Detecon is your partner for connected services

Detecon, as part of Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems has driven the network evolution and adoption of new infrastructure paradigms for over 40+ years. Our team was instrumental in the creation and spin-out of MobiledgeX, a firm founded by Deutsche Telekom to drive a global Edge strategy. We have been active since the early days in the 5G space, working with policy makers, operators, vendors and enterprises in defining needs, architecting networks and designing solutions to meet the needs for the enterprise of tomorrow. Our clients covering hyperscale providers, operators, enterprises and vendors enables us to provide a holistic solution to a rapidly evolving landscape.

Joseph Noronha
COO, Director

Joseph is the COO and Director of Detecon USA with over 10 years of international consulting experience. He brings sales, business development, and hands-on expertise in leading multidisciplinary project teams. Joseph’s specialties include edge computing, IoT across home, manufacturing, automotive, telecom and logistics verticals, and in other emerging connectivity technologies.

Thomas Switala
Director, Connectivity

Thomas is a Director of Connectivity with more than 15 years of experience in global communications markets. Passionate about finding innovated solutions in connectivity and connecting the unconnected. Specializing in telecommunication infrastructures and leading specialized projects in technical strategies, transformation and operations.

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