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Grow your business and drive results with OKRs. Detecon helps you organization to align to its strategic North Star.

Our Philosophy


Value Focus

OKRs inspire and measure true business impact and results improvement. Achieve results and outcomes that matter – OKRs are not another “to-do” list.

Organizational Unification

Horizontal and vertical OKR alignment drive true unification and ensure that your organization continues to track its success through the rest of the quarter.

Strategic Agility

Rapidly alignthe organization toemerging and existing strategic priorities. Execute strategy pivots to align to changing market conditions.

We tailor our OKR services around our clients

We are the undisputed global leader in OKR advisory serviceswe help grow your business and drive results with OKRs. Our OKR best practice framework improves team and organizational performance by aligningyourteams to critical strategic priorities and transforming the organization into outcomes focused business.

OKR Sessions


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Our Approach

Objective first mindset

OKRs solve for organization objective and result achievement through team perform-ance improvement.

Ambitious leadership OKRs

Best Practice Executive and Leadership team OKRs are ambitious by design.

Aligned & united team OKRs

Team OKRs support the Executive and Leadership team’s OKRs and improve team performance.

Leading teams with OKRs & CFRs

Our expert advisors work with executive, product, operations and support teams to drive the delivery of the results.

Reflective & insightful retros

At quarter end, teams conduct retro sessions to determine what really mattered and set OKRs for next quarter.

Workboard, Inc.

At Detecon, we believe OKR software is crucial to OKRs success. Detecon partners with WorkBoard, the leading OKR software platform, to help your organization realize its full OKR potential. WorkBoard enables you to track OKRs and leverage Detecon’s intensive coaching and training to align to your strategic priorities.

Our OKR Services

OKR Leadership Training

The Executive and Leadership OKR Training introduces the company’s executives and leadership to what OKRs are, OKR best practices and define what matters. Within the workshop,the executive and leadership team will define and write OKRs for the leadership and executive team they will focus on during next quarter. At quarter end,your company’s executives and leadership will have a Retro session with our OKR. This course is for a client that wants to begin their OKR journey by piloting an OKR Rollout. 

Included services:

Executive Onboarding

Our Executive and Leadership Onboarding begins your organization’s leadership team on their OKR journey. It consists of introductory video and reading material providing an overview of the OKR framework and best practice.

Executive Workshop

Our executive workshop will introduce your executive leadership team to OKRs and its best practices. We focus on key aspects of OKRs and using with best practices to avoid potential pitfalls. During the session we will create the top level OKRs and evaluate how lower levels will align to these to improve team and organization performance.

Retro & Reset session

In the Retro session, your company’s executive and leadership team will evaluate the OKRs and will define, write and set OKRs for the next quarter.

OKR Company Rollout

Our clients select which level of OKR Company Rollout intensity is best suited to drive OKR success: The light rollout and the full rollout. Detecon will tailor the OKR framework to your organisation, define OKRs and drive organizational alignment at all levels, and embed with OKR best practices within the organization over two OKR sprints. To ensure success, our OKR experts will assist with developing a rollout schedule, selecting a suitable OKR platform and governing the project from start to end.

Included services:

Exec. Leadership Training

The OKR Company Rollout includes all Executive and Leadership Training modules that form the basis for a successful OKR rollout.

Communications Plan

Our communications plan ensures alignment on OKR outcomes and program structure across the organisation. We will create an individual schedule for the whole rollout with you.

Team Workshops

Our OKR experts will facilitate sessions with every team in the organization to define and align their OKRs. This will also enable the organization to learn OKR best practices when defining, writing and setting OKRs for the quarter.

OKR App Training

Following OKR tool selection, OKR app training is critical to ensure efficient OKR tracking and result delivery. Our OKR experts will cover how the OKR platform’s app can complement the organization’s standard operating procedures.

OKR Governance

Effective OKR Governance drives results performance. Best practice is to have executive leadership as well as operation support teams to monitor and encourage adoption, which meets with a regular cadence.

OKR Coach Training & Certification

We offer OKR coach training for leaders passionate about driving transformation growth in their business. In our intensive multi-day certification course, participants will learn best practices driving team strategic alignment and organizational transformation. This training will also teach you how to create cross-functional alignment and cultural considerations to OKR adoption.

Included services:

OKR Coach Training

Our OKR training familiarizes you with the methodology and its best practices. The goal for you is to learn fundamentals about OKRs and how the methodology accelerates strategy execution. Our OKR experts will also run you through the process of creating meaningful OKRs.

OKR Coach Certification

Our intensive two day course/masterclass will introduce you to our best practices gained from our engagements where we have advised start-ups to multinational enterprises achieve exceptional strategic alignment.

Our Global Experts

With experience from facilitating 1,000s of OKR sessions, we are the undisputed global leaders in OKR and CFR advisory. Our intensive two day course/masterclass will introduce you to our best practices gained from our engagements where we have advised start-ups to multinational enterprises achieve exceptional strategic alignment.

Our OKR Story

Detecon initially adopted OKRs as a way to drive better project outcomes in the innovation initiatives that Telekom and T-Mobile undertakes. Detecon also understood that to drive OKR success, we needed to select an OKR software platform.

From this experience, Detecon was approach by several of its existing external clients, which required OKR advice for their innovation initiatives, and Detecon founded its own OKRs practice, specifically dedicated to clients seeking to grow and transform their businesses.

We have now estbalished Detecon’s OKR Advisory Offerings in all of Detecon’s global offices, where dedicated Detecon’s Certified OKR Consultants regularly advise on OKR initiatives.

Our strength is particularly strong in rolling out OKR initiatives in global enterprises where they require global co-ordination of the rollout. However, we are able to develop solutions tailored for all organizations.

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Philipp Schett

Managing Director
OKR Advisory Practice

Philipp has over 10 years of experience in people empowerment, ecosystem building, agile innovation management, and strategy execution. He brings extensive experience in em-powering organization’s to accelerate growth from inside, applying the methodologies of open innovation by establishing a feed forward culture and executing Silicon Valley practices.

Bradley Kalgovas

Global Lead Advisor
OKR Advisory Practice

Bradley is a respected leader in strategy and its execution. Having expertise in strategy, finance, technology and innovation which stems from his experiences as a management consultant, investment banker, academic and entrepreneur. He harnesses these insights to support and guide Detecon’s clients successfully through their transformation initiatives.

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