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As part of Deutsche Telekom Group’s Silicon Valley entities, Detecon USA helps its clients to master digital transformation. In over 20 years time we have been supporting a wide variety of clients across the globe to solve challenges along their value chain.

Our belief is that culture is the core driver for future-readiness. People within the organization are enablers for sustainable innovation. An OKR-enabled innovation strategy provides a solid framework for all teams to channel their resources in order to power innovation, both internally & externally. We believe in innovation scouting and client-centric ideation as the most effective way to identify sources of growth and new market opportunities. Validation of new innovations is key to define the right strategic priorities.

years of Detecon innovation scouting in Silicon Valley

unicorns within one mile of our San Francisco office

patent registrations in 2019 in Silicon Valley

M&A deals involving Silicon Valley startups in 2018

Our unique approach of enabling innovation through OKRs, Objectives and Key Results, helps our clients foster open innovation. As part of Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) we leverage our network to provide extensive startup scouting, corporate ideation services, and strategic fit due diligences tailored to your organization’s individual needs.

Clients from all industries
innovate with us

“Detecon has by far exceeded the expectations we had for this innovation journey. Your inroads into the world of Start-Ups and Incubators enabled the journey to become a great experience.”

Global Head of Logistics, BMW

“The knowledge we generated from the trip is extremely valuable for us and we are already in follow up activities with a number of companies around different topics. Thank you!”

CIO, Telefonica

“The workshop organization was excellent. Thank you very much for these very knowledgeable  workshops and for putting us in contact with potential strategic partners. ”


Nectir: Ideation Software 

By joining forces with Nectir, the rising star in the space of SaaS idea management solutions, Detecon enables your organization to fully unleash the untapped innovation potential of your workforce. Nectir allows you to raise awareness about pressing challenges, collect all ideas for improvement, validate the relevance and assign the right resources where needed. The platform tracks the entire development progress and leverages Detecon’s qualification to drive rapid internal innovation, align it with your strategic objectives and translate validated ideas into viable business solutions. Learn more…


The ITONICS Startup Radar provides you with an online platform on which all interactions and partnerships with relevant startups can be monitored and managed. ITONICS is working with a lot of partners to integrate their startup databases into a software-based radar tool. Identify the most relevant players in your corporate ecosystem from different sources. The Startup Radar automatically connects all that data to trends, technologies and the core business to create a fully interlinked network that is integrated into your innovation framework and methodology. You can categorize and evaluate collaboratively with internal and external industry experts in the system to bring the data into context. Based on these insights you can make profound decisions about the right investments and partnerships for a sound innovation portfolio.  Learn more…

Our Innovation Portfolio


Innovation always starts with the individuals in your organization. To create a solid foundation we believe in a structured approach to transform any culture to a fast forward culture. Client engagements have shown that OKRs are a well-suited framework to create an agile innovation environment enabling all teams to contribute to strategic priorities.

Innovation Strategy

We help clients define, articulate and execute on innovation strategies that are aligned with their business strategy. This is the missing piece that contemporary and singular innovation activities (e.g. hackathons, design thinking workshops, crowdsourcing, etc) too often lack. As a result, companies have a clear direction on which opportunities and threats to act on, and how.

Scouting & Ideation

A structured and thoroughly designed approach to scouting of new technologies and approaches is key for innovation to succeed and for our clients to grow sustainably. In addition, open innovation is enabled through a transparent and agile ideation and evaluation process. Together with our partners Nectir and itonics, we provide efficient platforms to innovate with a higher velocity.


Validation & Strategic Fit

Validating Ideas and Innovations is key to ensure a company places its bets on the right initiatives. We leverage several methods to qualify and quantify opportunities. For example:  problem/friction analysis, market sizing, business model assessment & design, competitive benchmarking, and prototyping & testing.

Our Story

Innovation as a core theme and consulting area is inherently tied to our presence in the San Francisco Bay Area. Set up as a local entity 20 years ago in the wake of the first dotcom boom, Detecon Inc. has been a key figure in the initial mobile internet revolution fueled by tech companies and network operators such as our corporate parent Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile.

Throughout the years, access to one of the world’s most relevant innovation ecosystems has allowed us to serve clients globally in their pursuit of new growth and innovation opportunities. We have successfully delivered dozens of innovation management projects on innovation strategy, scouting, and validation: either all here in the region, as an import by having clients engage with potential partners, or as an export to bring insights and methodologies to clients in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

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Philipp Schett
Director, Innovation

Philipp Schett, the Director of Innovation, is an expert in people empowerment, ecosystem building and strategic alignment. He brings over 10 years of extensive experience in empowering organizations to accelerate growth from inside, applying the methodologies of open innovation.

Steven Schepurek
Senior Consultant, Innovation

Steven is an applied innovation specialist with 9+ years of experience in helping clients envision and act on their corporate future. He has helped clients globally to scout for startups, new technologies and business models, validate and incubate ideas for new products, services and customer experiences, and ramp up joint venture companies to execute on growth.

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