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WorkBoard OKR and CFR Virtual Coach Certification

Keep your teams moving with OKR and CFRs

Virtual Certification Course Components

Mastering OKRs will enable your company to unleash its full growth potential through setting and achieving meaningful OKRs and tracking their achievement using the CFR process. The certification course covers the OKR mindset shift, the OKR framework, and how to drive results using the CFR process. Our certification course will cover:

Crafting meaningful OKRs for all teams

Best practices to facilitate OKRs in your business

Introduce OKRs to leadership teams

Rolling out OKRs in your organization

Making a difference through outcome orientation

Enabling cross-functional alignment & accountability in the organization

Using CFRs to lead through

Monitoring key results and their progress

Rolling out OKRs in your company requires effective communication to achieve alignment within your organization. Our training will introduce techniques for how to align everyone to your company’s strategic North Star to drive OKR success.

Our Next Virtual WorkBoard OKR Coach Certification Classes

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Virtual Class (Australia)

Price: $399 USD

September 14th & 15th, 2020

Capacity: 20

Virtual Class (Germany)

Price: $399 USD

September 29th & 30th 2020 
Capacity: 20

Virtual Class (Europe)

Price: $399 USD

September 30th, October 1st, 2020 

Capacity: 20

Virtual Class (US & Europe)

Price: $399 USD

Aug 25th, 27th & Sept 1st, 3rd, 2020 
Capacity: 20

Workboard, Inc.

At Detecon, we believe OKR software is crucial to OKRs success. Detecon partners with WorkBoard, the leading OKR software platform, to help your organization realize its full OKR potential. WorkBoard enables you to track OKRs and leverage Detecon’s intensive coaching and training to align to your strategic priorities. Learn more…

Partner with our team of global strategic resilience experts

With experience from facilitating 1,000s of OKR sessions, we are the undisputed global leaders in OKR and CFR advisory. Our experts will drive alignment and accountability across your organization and introduce you to our best practices gained from our engagements where we have advised start-ups to multinational enterprises achieve exceptional strategic alignment 

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Philipp Schett

Managing Director – OKR Advisory Practice

Philipp has over 10 years of experience in people empowerment, ecosystem building, agile innovation management, and strategy execution. He brings extensive experience in empowering organization’s to accelerate growth from inside, applying the methodologies of open innovation by establishing a feed forward culture and executing Silicon Valley practices.

Bradley Kalgovas

Global Lead Advisor –  OKR Advisory Practice

Bradley is a respected leader in strategy and its execution. Having expertise in strategy, finance, technology and innovation which stems from his experiences as a management consultant, investment banker, academic and entrepreneur. He harnesses these insights to support and guide Detecon’s clients successfully through their transformation initiatives.


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