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Benchmark your use of OKRs and not only receive a report on the frameworks other companies are using to define and execute their strategy. We also want to help you make sense of OKRs and how they can help your organization. That's why we're offering a free 15-Minute remote videochat consultation with one of our OKR experts, when you submit the survey. Please take 5 minutes to make your voice heard today.

Global Enterprise State of OKRs Survey

WorkBoard and Detecon, OKR methodology and Enterprise Results Platform leaders, have partnered to create the first annual Global Enterprise State of OKRs Survey. With your help we will improve the international benchmark for OKRs adoption processes. The Global Enterprise State of OKRs Survey incorporates current challenges, market developments and first-hand experience from top management leaders world-wide to serve our clients even better going forward. Be part of this initiative and make your voice heard today!

Make your voice heard!

As a thank you for your time, we’ll email you a report from this survey on what frameworks other companies are using to define and execute their strategy. Your response will remain anonymous in all our publications, even if you voluntarily choose to share your email address.


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