Hot off the press: "The State of OKRs - Global Enterprise Report"

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Detecon’s OKR webinar series:

Game Changing Plays for the Corporate Pioneer

How OKRs Help Navigate Uncertainty

Learn how to keep your teams moving towards results with OKRs

English: Tues May 5th 10-11AM PST 1-2PM EST

German: Thur May 7th 4-5 PM CET

Accountability & Compassion for Distributed Teams

Deep dive into best practices of leading from home and building compassion with your team to drive energize teams

English: Thur May 28th 10-11AM PST 1-2PM EST

German: Tues May 26th 4-5 PM CET

5 Ways to Manage, Engage and Excite your Remote & Non-Desk Workers

Virtually uniting your teams

English: Wed May 20th 10-11AM PST 1-2PM EST

How to Win the Race to


Remaining hyperfocused on the things that matter

English: Thurs June 4th 10-11AM PST 1-2PM EST

The State of OKRs: Global Enterprise Survey

 English: Wed November 4th 10-11 AM PST 1-2PM EST / 7 – 8 PM CEST

OKRs: The New Connectivity Play for Telcos

 English: Thur August 20th 7:30-8:30AM PST 10:30-11:30AM EST / 4 -5 PM CEST

Partner with our team of global strategic resilience experts

With experience from facilitating 1,000s of OKR sessions, we are the undisputed global leaders in OKR and CFR advisory. Our experts will drive alignment and accountability across your organization and introduce you to our best practices gained from our engagements where we have advised start-ups to multinational enterprises achieve exceptional strategic alignment 

Philipp Schett

Managing Director – OKR Advisory Practice

Philipp has over 10 years of experience in people empowerment, ecosystem building, agile innovation management, and strategy execution. He brings extensive experience in empowering organization’s to accelerate growth from inside, applying the methodologies of open innovation by establishing a feed forward culture and executing Silicon Valley practices.

Bradley Kalgovas

Bradley Kalgovas

Global Lead Advisor –  OKR Advisory Practice

Bradley is a respected leader in strategy and its execution. Having expertise in strategy, finance, technology and innovation which stems from his experiences as a management consultant, investment banker, academic and entrepreneur. He harnesses these insights to support and guide Detecon’s clients successfully through their transformation initiatives.


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