Accountability & Compassion for Distributed Teams

Working from home (WFH) at scale demands managers to find new ways to simplify accountability and ensure engagement of distributed teams. At the same time, unprecedented uncertainty and social distancing are putting employees at emotional and cognitive unease, making it challenging to really focus on strategic priorities and business outcomes.
In this webinar, we will combine two perspectives to solve these challenges. On the one hand, we will explore current managerial approaches and best practices to truly lead from home. On the other hand, we will deep dive into compassion and rituals as key elements of high level team engagement, productivity, and flow. This is a rare opportunity to deepen team’s connections to each other, to the company and its customers, and to rally around tangible business results.
We will examine how organizations can do so by exploring the following themes:
  • Getting every team aligned on outcomes
  • The art of realistic goal-setting and the power of accountability buddies
  • Making progress transparency the norm
  • Sharing and teaching: Its importance and meaning, and types of team huddles
  • Compassion: Putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Listen and understand their story
  • Technology and tools that support a sense of connection and drive outcomes

Thurs May 28th 10-11AM PST 1-2PM EST

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