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The State of OKRs: Global Enterprise Report Webinar

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WorkBoard and Detecon, OKR methodology and Enterprise Results Platform leaders, have partnered to create the first annual Global Enterprise State of OKRs Survey. The Global Enterprise State of OKRs Survey incorporates current challenges, market developments and first-hand experience from top management leaders world-wide to serve our clients even better going forward.

In this webinar we uncovered insights into the challenges and accelerators of OKR initiatives, the best approach to OKR execution, and how your organization can gain a competitive edge.

Watch the recording to learn from experienced consultants as they deep dive into the state of OKRs.

Together with our platform partner WorkBoard, the leading enterprise results platform, we published the “The State of OKRs – The Global Enterprise Report”, the first of its kind. In the webinar we dig deep into some of the findings. Learn more in the full report.

Join next year’s report: Contribute to the Global Enterprise State of OKRs Survey 2021

Contribute to the the Global Enterprise Report. Many leaders use OKRs to bridge the gap between strategy definition and execution, but it is often difficult to know whether their OKRs are placing them onto the path to strategic success. We at Detecon would like to hear your perspective. We’re conducting our yearly review about the state of OKRs across the business landscape and invite you to share your experience with OKRs in our quick 5-minute survey.

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