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OKRs: The New Connectivity Play for Telcos: A Fire-Side Chat.

In our fire-side chat “OKRs: The New Connectivity Play for Leaders”, with Thomas Weiler, VP Innovation Portfolio & Strategic Programs at Deutsche Telekom, we will talk about the experience of telecommunications leaders with OKRs. We will discuss not only how to begin your journey, but also benefits from applying the framework and some best practices to enable long term strategy success.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) enable alignment across organizations and create a strong focus on actionable key results, enabling agile strategic execution success.

As the consultancy of choice for leaders looking to empower their teams, coupled with more than 40 years of transformation experience in connectivity, we invite you to join us for a conversation on how to take the first steps on your OKR journey.


The webinar will begin in








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